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Would Consistent Global Sustainability Regulations Foster More Profitable Manufacturing?

Posted By Paul Tate, April 20, 2011 at 4:29 AM, in Category: Manufacturing Leadership Council

One of the biggest challenges to creating more sustainable global production, product and supply chain strategies, is the many different types and levels of sustainability regulations that exist around the world in each sector.

Those differences are costing manufacturers lots of money trying to ensure compliance against varying and often inconsistent rules in different countries and regions. Especially with the growing emphasis on product materials conent and traceability.

That was one of the key points raised on our latest monthly call, when Manufacturing Leadership Council members took a deep dive into current and future trends in sustainable manufacturing.

So is it about time the sustainability world got its global act together - harmonizing regulations more effectively, industry sector by industry sector?

Are the various regional and national rules beginning to hinder growth and expansion in key sectors of industry? Are they impacting your company? Are they creating an unfair competitive advantage for some of the world's suppliers?

What should industry's role be in encouraging greater consistency across international sustainability laws?

And how can the world’s regulators -- not renowned for their ability to forge rapid international agreements -- now find a fast track way to agree more consistent sets of rules that all the world’s producers can abide by, so companies can maximize their sustainability efforts and invest more confidently in the greening of global manufacturing?

Written by Paul Tate

Paul Tate is Research Director and Executive Editor with Frost & Sullivan's Manufacturing Leadership Council. He also directs the Manufacturing Leadership Council's Board of Governors, the Council's annual Critical Issues Agenda, and the Manufacturing Leadership Research Panel. Follow us on Twitter: @MfgExecutive


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